“We were looking for an investment property (house or condo) in Abbotsford and stumbled across the idea of a mobile home park through Bill by complete fluke. We knew absolutely nothing about the industry, but after thoroughly researching and comparing a house / condo versus one of Bill’s Park listings, the Park had way more positives and offered a greater return. Our Park has turned out to be a great investment and we look forward to buying another one. Bill has been super helpful, honest and very patient with my hundreds of questions as I learn the industry. He really knows the industry well and helped guide us through a process that we knew nothing about. He also connected us with MHPOA (Manufactured Home Park Owner’s Alliance of BC) and they have been awesome. The membership has more than paid for itself.
They have a really deep pool of resources and offer really good advice and feedback. Overall, we are happy with our experience and we give Bill 2 thumbs up!”
~ First time Park Purchasers, Brenda and Chance

“We have bought two mobile home parks with Bill Summers as our agent. It is extremely helpful to have him working for you because he knows the issues to watch for when buying a park. He worked very hard on our behalf to negotiate the sales and make sure we were adequately protected. He also gave us the advice and expertise needed to obtain the financing for the second park. Even once we had bought the parks we have called on him for help and information when we have needed it and he was more than willing to help us. We have bought two mobile home parks to give us retirement income in lieu of a pension.”
~ Lois Zseder

“It was great to have someone work on our behalf that has had past personal experience owning and selling mobile home parks, for the purchase of our first mobile home park. Having up to date knowledge of the Residential Tenancy Act and legislation, Investigating the property, negotiating and writing an enforceable contract are just a few of the benefits. For the first time investor of such investment properties I would definitely recommend giving Bill a call to discuss your options.”
~ New MHP Investors